Customized Mcx

The customized package in MCX is for clients who want to work on intraday recommendations with bigger targets when compared with normal packages. The analysts for premium MCX possess expertise in capturing bigger movements in all commodities. The calls generated for traders go through a series of checks in terms of technical levels and are then delivered to them for trading. This product is best suited for traders who trade in all the commodities and trade in multiple lots. The unique proposition for the subscriber for this product is that analysts maintain risk reward ratio for trades. The targets are higher when compared with stop losses so it does not wipe out your previous profits and the accuracy is the most distinguishing factor for this product.

Salient feature of scheme

  • Proper follow-up through Sms.
  • Accurate calls on consistence basis.
  • Important data information through market hours.
  • Nifty analysis, support & resistance level.
  • Target extends, early profit booking update
  • Prices





    Half Yearly